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Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity?

The ambassador of your brand’s promise is the ‘Brand Identity’. It is the visual and verbal driving force that creates emotional connection between a brand and the customer.

This comes in the form of a logo, or a mark, often accompanied by a well conceived slogan and a supporting identity system that captures the unique spirit, personality and culture of your brand.

The Brand Identity is the recognisable visual and verbal language with the consumer, and their perceived experience of that brand.

A successful brand identity will outlast any promotion or campaign if the desired brand experience is aligned with what the consumer expects from the brand identity.

A successful brand incorporates some of the following brand identity essentials:

A memorable name
To begin with a brand needs a stand-out name. Naming is such a fundamental component of your brand that it is essential you get it right at the very start. A great name is memorable, short and creates an instant image or feeling whenever it is encountered. It must sound great and must appeal to your market.

A great logo
A great name deserves a unique logo. Many logos are recognized before they are read. The overall shape of a logo becomes a recognisable identifier for a brand. Shape, like colour, makes an immediate impact. Bounce design have been creating strong visual identities for over 13 years, so you know you are in capable hands.

Visual style
The style of additive visual elements such as photography or illustration truly helps define an identity. A strong and clear visual style helps define aesthetic and provide impact for your identity.

Colour brings an immediate emotional quality to a brand. A colour treatment can make or break a brand identity. Colour choices that are too dated, inappropriate or unsophisticated, can drag down even the most wonderfully drawn mark.

Sense of place
In a physical space, brand identity elements mix together to paint a cohesive picture. This introduces an important opportunity for creating a compelling brand experience. The most successful retail chains and product showrooms create meaningful, engaging brand identities within their commercial environments. Good brand identities express a sense of place.

An organisation’s name, tagline, and verbal styling add up to an important reflection of its brand identity. This can be referred to as its ‘voice’. As with all other aspects of brand positioning, when developing a brand voice, look for a different path than the one followed by the competition.

Consistency is the glue that holds a brand program together! The goal of rolling out a new or evolved brand is to strengthen an organisation’s identity and make it more recognizable. To do this, the identity should be represented in a consistent way across all media. Just as logo structure is important, so too is consistency of application within the branding program. If the same structured logo is applied haphazardly, it will be less identifiable and erode design value, in turn reducing the perceived value of that brand.

How can a Brand Identity or Brand Evolution help your business?

Consumers today are desperate for products and services that are authentic and real.

This can be helped along by a strong brand identity system that visually embodies your company’s essence and tells the story that sets you apart from your competitors.

A strong professionally built brand identity should not be seen as an expense, but an important investment for your company. The return on your investment can be unlimited. Brand identity and ongoing consistency in roll-out by a design professional should be considered a necessity for the ongoing success of your business. Much like electricity bills are necessary to keep the lights on for you to service your clients, a strong relationship with the bounce design creative team will keep your brand consistent, relevent and engaging for your customers.

A great brand identity has been proven to form positive connections and a sense of pride and belonging for all involved in a company. This positive perception of a corporate brand identity has a dramatic effect on employees’ commitment to the organisation, and their delivery of the brands promise.

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