The design process: step by step

We’re often asked by new clients, “So, how do we get started?”

Well, starting at the beginning is always a good option.

When we’re commencing work with someone new, we typically take them through some key steps to understand their business, their target market and their desired outcome.

So, let’s take a look at our seven-step design process.

Getting to know you

Meeting our clients fact-to-face is a great start and offers us the chance to collect all the information relevant to the project. This initial meeting may include a written brief of your requirements, a summary of your company’s background, where you hope to take your brand and a review of other brands that may inspire you. It is important for your expectations to be clearly defined during this initial briefing stage. During this stage we will discuss any extra requirements such as copywriting, photography, printing or back-end programming that may be needed. Once we are confident that we have enough information, we’ll send a quote for your approval.

Research and analysis

Once you’ve signed on with Bounce Design, we’ll ask you to supply any text, photography, existing logos or existing branding elements that are needed for us to start work. Researching your industry and any main competitors takes place at this stage, as well as making notes and sketching rough outlines.

Developing a concept

We’ll then move on to create a design concept, which is the idea behind your business’s design. Your design concept becomes the framework for all the decisions we make. This is where the creative process takes flight and we consider colour palettes, type styles, tone and graphic styling. Rough design directions are put together and depending on the terms of the original client proposal, one or many options may be worked up for presentation.

Refining, polishing and perfecting

We only want to give our clients the best so we consider which of our concepts are the strongest and work to provide a polished presentation complete with visualisations that may include examples of your design across a range of design pieces. Concepts are either sent by email or presented in person, depending on your preference.

Over to you

After the initial presentation, our clients are encouraged to spend time reviewing and gathering notes on any amendments to design or changes to copy that they may require. Normally, our projects will be quoted allowing for two sets of minor corrections which include changes such as the ones mentioned above. In the rare instance of a design not hitting home with your original vision, new designs will be worked up, however there may be extra cost involved, depending on the original terms of the quotation supplied. This is why it is important to get the initial briefing correct during stage one of the process, to ensure we have your vision aligned with our understanding of your requirements.

Putting on the finishing touches

Once we have final written approval on your carefully-crafted design project or business branding, we can move forward to the production stage. Files are despatched for print, made live on the web or supplied directly to you if you have already made prior arrangements with a third party. Ideally, we like to handle the production of our work and see it through to the end. Over the years we have formed great relationships with our suppliers which helps to ensure your work is finished and delivered as promised. This stage is normally as exciting for us as it is for you because we get to see the fruits of our labour. Our aim is to always create unique, memorable and effective work that engages and satisfies you, your clients and us too.

We’re here if you need us

Once a project is complete and you have everything you need, we are only too happy to help with any other questions you may have relating to your current job or something new that may be coming up. We will keep all of your files backed up to our archives in case you ever need re-prints, files supplied or updates made.

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