LogoLounge win for Anvil Creek Co.

LogoLounge loves our logos

We are excited to announce that Bounce Design has been recognised for the eighth time by LogoLounge, a creative organisation that reviews and publishes the best logos from around the world.

LogoLounge’s publication will feature our logo design and branding for Anvil Creek Co., a small artisan candle maker located in the Hunter Valley.

All Anvil Creek Co.’s candles are handpoured by the brand’s creators in their home workshop.

It was our job at Bounce Design to convey a rustic, hand-made feeling whilst also ensuring that buyers knew they would receive a quality, commercial product.

The client’s brief was to evolve their existing logo, which was to to be used on packaging for their range of pure soy candles.

The original logo contained elements that reflected the spirit of the brand but the execution was unbalanced, lacked personality and consumer engagement.

The client had a great understanding of their target market and that was ‘candle lovers’ with a fondness for antique Australiana, days of old, country living and exotic botanicals.


A male-designed range named ‘Dr Salty’s’ was also released to appeal to fans of curios and novelties such as magic tinctures, snake oils and moonshines, all presented in small paint tins that feel at home in a work shop or man cave.

Anvil Creek Co. chose to work with Bounce Design because they loved the work we’d done for other clients and felt our ideas aligned with their vision for the brand.

In all, we were responsible for the logo’s evolution, the design of letterpress business cards and the design of the packaging for a variety of Anvil Creek Co. products.

Anvil Creek Co. is a fantastic, local success story and Bounce Design was pleased to be able to create a consistent look for the wide variety of products offered by the company.

All Anvil Creek Co. candles are made using 100% environmentally friendly soy wax. The wicks are lead free and made from cotton. The vessels can be re-used within the family home as vases, storage or any other useful purpose.

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