What is SEO and how can it help me?

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll know that we’ve designed and created quite a few websites here at Bounce Design. We always advise our clients to consider incorporating SEO (search engine optimisation) into their website copywriting and construction.

What is SEO? We hear you ask.

SEO is a marketing tactic that is focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

We work with Newcastle-based Gorilla 360 to offer expert SEO services to our clients. We asked Gorilla 360 co-founder Scott Evans to tell us why SEO is an essential part of website design.

SEO is crucial because it helps your website get found by potential customers. If you aren’t putting effort into your SEO, you are leaving the door open for your competitors to capture most of the searches done by potential customers.

Internet users trust a search engine’s results, mainly Google, so if your business appears in organic search results, people generally won’t hesitate to engage with your site. Your website is often the first interaction your customers have with your business and it needs to appear for the kinds of searches your typical customers are using. Driving more quality traffic to your site through a sound SEO strategy will help to grow sales and leads over time.

SEO provides a cost-effective long-term solution for businesses that want to build lasting relationships with their customer base. We regularly perform SEO audits, which help to identify some of the technical issues with a website that might be costing you money and limiting your visibility in search results.

If you’re new to the concept of SEO, it may seem complex but our clients are seeing real results by the work we do to optimise their websites. We recently helped one of Australia’s largest independent office supplies retailers to increase their organic traffic to their website by 145% in six months. A local battery supplier has seen organic traffic to their online store increase by 50% in under six months after we worked to optimise their site.

While SEO can certainly drive traffic to your site, it can also increase a business’s online revenue. Our work for one of Australia’s leading chemical-free pest management businesses, resulted in an 85% growth in their online revenue.

If you’d like to discover how you can find people who are searching for products and services that you offer, get in touch with us via the link below.

Scott Evans is the co-founder of Newcastle-based Gorilla 360, which offers digital marketing, e-commerce and SEO services to a range of clients locally and across Australia.

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