The Design Process – More than meets the eye!

Heritage Solid Plastering


Bounce was approached by the founder of Heritage Solid Plastering to develop an identity for his existing company, which at that time had no branding or presence in an already niche market. The company specialises in heritage building restorations, where lime plastering, solid plastering and moulded plaster work is required. Being a craft that was learnt, matured and brought from his homeland in Ireland, our brief was to create a brand that visually ingrained the owner’s Irish roots, along with the company’s values of keeping a slowly forgotten architectural art form alive and well.


Research began by compiling examples of the company’s work, and studying imagery that was identifiably Irish. Rough sketches were made from elements that could possibly be used or stylised as a mark. Being a traditional building technique, the identity required a certain old world feel, as well as being clear and bold enough to stand out in the modern age. Even after finding our inner Irish, we were still missing the story of this being an age old art that the business hoped to keep alive. Research and brainstorming began to look for a symbol that communicated permanence and continuity, keeping in mind that we wanted to steer well away from all the clichés.


The solution came when we found our symbol for the continuity for the craft, in the image of the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is represented by a serpent or dragon which forms a ring by swallowing its own tail. It forms a circle without end, and is a recognised symbol for infinity and renewal which predates medieval times. Combining this with the familiar styling of a never ending Celtic knot, the identity emerged and became realised. Type styles and colour palettes were tested and applied and logo proportions were refined, keeping in mind the possible applications for the identity.

Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering
Heritage plastering

More than meets the eye!

The design process follows a path of distinct stages, however, being that each client and project is unique, extra stages and design disciplines may be introduced when needed. You might find the below information useful in helping understand some of the more common stages when working with us.


This is where we get to meet you and collect all the information relevant to your project. Face-to-face is always best, and this initial meeting may include a written brief of your requirements, a summary of your company’s background, where you hope to take your brand, as well as looking over any research you have collected of other brands that you like. It is important for your expectations to be clearly defined during this initial briefing stage, so that no time or money is wasted later due to miscommunication. During this stage we will discuss any extra requirements such as copy writing, photography, printing or back-end programming that may be needed. Once we are confident that we have enough information, we’ll send a quote for your approval.


Once we have written approval to proceed on a job, this is also a good time to hand over any copy, photography, existing logos or existing branding elements that are needed for us to start work. Research the industry and any main competitors takes place at this stage, as well as making notes and sketching roughs that will be used as a starting point.


This is where the creative process finds it’s wings and starts to take shape. Consideration of colour palettes, type styles, tone and graphic styling all occur during this stage. Rough design directions are formed, and depending on the terms of the original client proposal, a singular or numerous directions may be worked up for presentation


Only the strong survive! Our most worthy concepts are focussed on, romanced and refined into a polished presentation along with visualisations that may include application to other proposed or requested collateral. Concepts are either sent by email or presented in person, depending on your preference.


After the initial presentation, you are encouraged to spend time reviewing and gathering notes on any amendments to design, or changes to copy that you may require. Normally, projects will be quoted allowing for two sets of minor authors corrections which include changes such as the ones mentioned above. In the rare instance of a design not hitting home with your original vision, new designs will be worked up, however there may be extra cost involved, depending on the original terms of the quotation supplied. This is why it is important to get the initial briefing correct during stage one of the process, to ensure we have your vision aligned with our understanding of your requirements.


Once we have final written approval on your carefully crafted design project or business branding, we can move forward to the production stage. Files are despatched for print, made live on the web, or supplied directly to you if you have already made prior arrangements with a third party. Ideally, we like to handle the production of our work and see it through to the end. Over the years we have formed great relationships with our suppliers which helps to ensure your work is finished and delivered as promised. This stage is normally as exciting for us as it is for you, as we get to see the fruits of our labour. Our quest is to always create unique, memorable and effective work that engages and satisfies you, your clients as well as ourselves.


Once a project is complete and you have everything you need, keep our number on hand, as we are only too happy to help with any other questions you may have relating to your current job or something new that may be coming up in the future. We will keep all of your files backed up to our archives in case you ever need re-prints, files supplied or updates made.

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