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Website Design

What is Website Design?

Website Design involves an array of disciplines and skills. From User Interface and User Experience design to the technical side of responsive development, your website needs to follow best practices to achieve the maximum return on your investment. At Bounce, we believe in finding the correct balance between creativity and functionality, making sure that your users have a great experience while interacting with your online brand.

How does Website Design help your business?

Research shows that your website users will make a judgement about your business in an instant. It takes less than a second for them to decide whether they stay or leave. Furthermore, research also shows that first impressions are overwhelmingly related to the design of the website. It goes without saying that content is vitally important as well, but content reinforces a good first impression and users may not even read your content if the design is sufficiently poor.

Investing in professional website design, for many businesses, is a key driver of success. Makes sure you maximise your ROI by providing users with a welcoming experience which entrusts them to your brand.

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