Does your website need a bit of TLC?

At Bounce Design, we design and develop websites but did you know they need to be maintained too?

If you haven’t purchased a managed web hosting account you’ll have to maintain your website software properly.

We asked Ben Baker of Trouble Free Computing Services to share with us how to best ensure your website performs at optimal level and brings in a stream of customers for your business.

“There are four major reasons why websites must be maintained,” Ben says.

  1. Updates
    Websites are one of the most common targets for hackers. Security plugins will demonstrate that sites are regularly attacked from dozens of destinations around the globe each month. Most of these attempts are cyber criminals broad brushing multiple sites so taking basic precautions such as making sure your security plugins are up to date with all software covered with the latest vulnerability patches will go a long way in protecting you from these sorts of general attacks.
  2. Check
    Despite all your attempts to keep a site perfect some site errors are just inevitable such as broken links, slow page loads, codes or pieces of software that suddenly stop working. All these things can affect the browsing experience for your users. Another important task is to check for security loopholes or areas where a website is vulnerable for malicious attacks. This is particularly important for e-commerce sites where vulnerabilities in your site can lead to you being responsible for credit card and/or identity theft.
  3. Repair and clean up
    If errors and other defects are found, they must be addressed right away. Cyber criminals are quick to exploit software vulnerabilities so ignoring the issue for a few weeks can be all it takes to fall victim to a hacker. Installing security patches, new tools and software, removing unnecessary programs or even re-writing code may be needed to keep the website performing well.
  4. Back up
    E-commerce and business websites often keep a database of sensitive information. Nobody wants to lose such a valuable asset and that’s why having a backup is a must. Websites run on servers and servers are not immune to failure. For this reason, proper backups should be performed on a regular basis regardless of the maintenance schedule. In addition, in the event that your website is hacked, the absence of a recent backup means the only solution is the complete redevelopment of your website.

Website maintenance is an activity that aims to keep a website maintained and running at peak performance. Websites, like cars and computers, must be tuned-up and checked for errors to ensure that it will serve its purpose well. Ideally website maintenance should be performed regularly. Some things need to be checked daily if not several times a week at a minimum.

The following tasks are part of a typical maintenance cycle:
• Check for errors and broken links
• Check for security holes
• Install new tools, plugins and functions
• Update contents
• Update back-end platform and software patches
• Back up database and content

When weighing up the cost of maintenance, website owners need to take a realistic look at how likely they are to perform these tasks themselves and also take into consideration the cost to the business of losing the website, especially if this site needs to be redeveloped due to the absence of a reliable backup.

Your business’s website is easily your most important marketing tool and it needs to be protected.”

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