Brand Management

Once you have your new brand identity you're ready to push it out into the world to play with the big kids. Initial roll-out and visual/verbal consistency in the years to come are vital factors in maintaining the strength of your brand. Like any child there will be some hand holding when getting started, but after we love, nurture and encourage your brand along, your investment in a professional identity will start returning the favour by looking after you.

Whether we've designed your brand, you're coming to us from an in-house team or from another agency, our 17 years experience in managing brands and servicing our clients' collateral and asset needs is assurance that you're in the right hands. Along the way we have helped The University of Newcastle, Life Without Barriers, Northern NSW Football, Rural Doctors Network, Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation, and Coal LSL maintain and manage their brands. We've had the pleasure of working with some of the above clients since Bounce began.

Give us a call to see how we can help guard, maintain and evolve your brand into the future.

Brand Management Services

  • Brand positioning and repositioning
  • Brand story + DNA
  • Brand campaigns
  • Key message developmentn
  • Brand promotion
  • Brand asset management
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Similar to a health check, it is recommended that your brand undergo the occasional audit. Through this process we can evaluate your brand's relevance, perceived value and position in the market. Taking into account the tangible and intangible factors of your brand, we can expose it's strengths and weaknesses, in turn uncovering the underlying story that you are trying to convey to your customers.

We focus on increasing recognition and emotional connection to your brand through visual identity, differentiation, positioning and personality, in order to grow it's current equity and perceived value over time.

Managing brand equity has a lot to do with consistency in visual and verbal messaging, as well as maintaining the intangible service side of the brand experience. Value of a brand is an internally generated asset created by a customer's perception and experience of the brand. Effectively managing a brand through constant quality control of all collateral and assets, combined with progressive iterations is an essential ingredient in building and maintaining customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Bounce has extensive experience in partnering with clients in the role of brand guardian and quality control centre. We would love to see how we can help.